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When you’re looking for a home in Georgia, one of the most popular requests is to search for homes for sale by school district.  Locals know what it means to move outside of Atlanta and want to get into a good school.  Usually the school search could be by County.  For example, someone relocating to Atlanta might just want to move to the area with the best schools overall (That’d be Gwinnett County).  While there’s others that want the best overall schools (found in Fulton, Forsyth, Cobb and Gwinnett).   For those of you with two schools in mind, we’ll have to do those searches manually, so contact us at 678-999-1001.  

Without further ado, here’s you school list, broken down by Counties.   We’ll start with the big four counties and for now just the high schools. 

Cobb County Schools

Cobb county schools are one of the big 3 counties that people search for.  While the county itself gets low ratings that’s due in large part to the parts of the county that overlap parts of Atlanta.  

Forsyth County Schools

Fulton County

Gwinnett County Schools

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