Rivermoore Park Homes For Sale

Are you thinking about moving to Suwanee?  Chances are if you are that you’ve likely heard about the homes for sale in Rivermoore Park.  Rivermoore Park has all the amenities to be a village without the commercial.  Find out more about Rivermoore Park in Suwanee

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All About Rivermoore Park Homes

Rivermoore Park HomesRivermoore Park homes for sale always are a hot commodity, with great schools, great amenities and a great location it’s easy to see why Rivermoore Park Real Estate listings sell for more than your average Suwanee home.  Rivermoore Park is a community with several hundred homes, a swimming pool and tennis courts located right off of Peacthree Industrial Blvd just North East of Atlanta.  Rivermoore Park would be outstanding with just those features, but it was designed to be a walkable community complete with it’s own 12+ acre meadow with walking trails.

Our Take:  Most of our clients absolutely love Rivermoore Park on many levels.  The only draw back is for the same price they can get the same square footage a few exits up at Hamilton Mill.  However, for the money and if you want to live in Suwanee, Rivermoore Park can’t be beat. It’s worth noting that unlike some of it’s competition, Rivermoore Park Homes are complete as in they are not building anymore.

Rumor has it that this land is unbuildable and the developer had to buy it too, but no matter what the story, it’s great to have it.  Did we mention there is a lake at Rivermoore Park?  I guess a lake home at Rivermoore might be a stretch, but there is a “pond” for those rivermoore park homeowners that want to live there, they can expect to pay a $100K premium at least.

Although you can occassionally find homes for sale in Rivermoore Park in the $300K’s don’t expect it to last long, these homes are priced from $400k to $600K or more.  With the higher end real estate being the homes on the lake or meadow view. In addition, there are a few homes with more upgrades as there were multiple builders in the this particular neighborhood.

Search for Rivermoore Park Homes

Rivermoore Park Homes On The MapView recently listed real estate properties throughout Rivermoore Park on gahomesdigest.com. We have all of the real estate listings of Rivermoore Park Homes. We receive new listings every 5 minutes through our MLS  from local agents, brokers, so check back regularly.

Rivermoore Park Real Estate Agents

If you are going to move to Rivermoore Park in Suwanee GA, then you are going to need the best Rivermoore Park Real Estate Agents.  Look no further then:

Jarvis Team Realty is the premiere Rivermoore Park real estate agent team.   They list homes for sale in Rivermoore Park as well as help buyers find a home in Rivermoore Park.  Contact them today at 678-999-1001

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