Lawrenceville New Homes For Sale & New Construction

Lawrenceville New Homes and ContsructionIf you’re looking to buy a home in Lawrenceville at all, chances are good you are considering New Construction in Lawrenceville.   Typically prices for new homes in Lawrenceville start right at the median price point for the area and go up from there (usually around $200K on up).  There’s bigger builders in Lawrenceville at this time such as John Wieland and some smaller builders.

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More About Lawrenceville New Homes

When you’re looking for new construction homes in Lawrenceville be sure to remember that you can hire an agent as well as get an inspection of the home.  In our recent blog post, the 5 Things You Need To Know When Buying a New Construction home, we highlighted these things.  Lawrenceville New Homes often come with warranties but it doesn’t always cover poor workmanship.  

Lawrenceville New Construction Specialist

If you’re thinking of buying a Lawrenceville new construction home, think also of hiring a new construction real estate agent and team.  The Jarvis Team offers, market analysis reporting on new construction homes as well as contract negotiations and walkthrough support.

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