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Jarvis Team Realty‘s mission is to lead families through the moving process.  We believe a home is the single largest asset you will likely own and it’s the biggest determiner of your lifestyle.  Officially, Jarvis Team Realty’s “Mission Statement” is:

Mission:  Impacting Lives Through Leadership, One Family Home At A Time

Vision:  Creating an experience of excellence that causes clients to notice the Glory of God through our working with them. Values:

  • God, Family, Clients, then Business – in that order
  • Excellence – Striving for the perfect combination of love and perfection
  • Integrity – Doing what’s right, even when it hurts

We don’t sell, we consult. It’s about helping people make better decisions. Foundational Books That Are The Heart of Jarvis Team Realty

  • The Bible – God (the foundation of our lives, business, everything)
  • Millionaire Real Estate Agent – Gary Keller (the systems we follow)
  • EntreLeadership (How we want to run our business)
  • Linchpin – Seth Godin (How we want our team members to act)
  • *John Maxwell – (How we want to lead)

Joshua Jarvis, CEO Founder of Jarvis Team Realty

Joshua Jarvis

Jarvis Team Realty serves the North Fulton Area, primarily Buckhead to Alpharetta as well as Gwinnett and South Hall. He resides just a few minutes from the Hamilton Mill Golf Course where he is the Realtor of choice to sell or buy a home. His expertise in dealing with the many builders as well as developers in addition to him being a local resident makes him the perfect choice for this community.

Joshua combines a very aggressive marketing campaign with “good ole’ fashioned, southern hospitality” for his clients. He’s often chided for being “blunt” or “honest to a fault.” “With God as my CEO and my Wife as my Business Partner I have my work cut out for me to meet their expectations let alone my clients,”says Joshua

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