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July 2015

There are 3 blog entries for July 2015.

How To Buy A Foreclosure

How To Buy A Foreclosure

It happens daily.  We will get a call regarding a home and the home buyer will ask us how they can buy a foreclosure.  I have to ask, "what do you mean?"  There's many different definitions of "foreclosure" floating around out there.  Especially as it relates to Georgia Real Estate. 

Foreclosure - technically is the term for what happens at the court house.  The home is "foreclosed."   This legal process in Georgia transfers ownership from the current owner or holder of the warranty deed to the entity that holds the security deed.   

At the court house, you can bid on homes that are going through the foreclosure process.  You must pay that day and with cash and it only happens the first Tuesday of the month.

But what

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Why Days On Market Are More Important To Home Sellers

Home Pricing Guide

After studying 8 in demand cities located in Georgia's rising suburban towns, it became very obvious that there were statistical trends that almost all home buyers were likely not conscious of, and thus needed a Home Pricing Guide. Just for the record, we reviewed the most recent 6 months of information in 2011. Each data set had between 120 homes and 500 homes that had sold.

Updated 2015 - note that average days on market is less then 30 days it's impossible to do a study like this.  However, as homes exceed this 30 day trend it's even more pronounced in 2015 then it was in 2011. 

Days On Market Real Estate

Why Getting It Gone in 30 Days Matters

Many of the home sellers we've talked to

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3 Things All Buyers Should Expect In GA

3 Things All Buyers Should Expect In GAAfter discussing a few issues with my team and explaining what makes us successful on the short sale side, it turns out the same skills on the short sale side apply to the buying side as well. When helping a seller through a short sale, it's very stressful for them.  So preparing them what to expect such as how the bank will react to offers, how to postpone the foreclosure, will the bank come after, what about taxes and how soon do they need to move are all questions we as a team have to answer.  For a buyer we found it's very similar, most buyer need to know a few things.  I thought it would be good to cover the 3 key expectations for you:

  1. Expect Multiple Offers on homes under $150,000 - This is pretty
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