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July 2013

There are 3 blog entries for July 2013.

Home Buying In AtlantaIf you're thinking of buying a home anytime in the next 8 months then you likely are doing some research. There's 3 keys to home buying in the Atlanta Real Estate market that you need to hear. Sure there's things like communities to talk about and features that make the most sense, but the essence of buying a home in Atlanta comes down to these things. 

It might be a bit of tough love and it might sound bias, but can we get real for a second, seriously?!

BUYING A HOME IS A 6 FIGURE DECISION, why are you spending 6 seconds picking the most important parts of your home buying success.

Now that your feathers are ruffled, I need to deliver to you the goods, right?

Here's your 3 Keys to Home Buying In Atlanta

#1. Get Your Financing Rock Solid

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Young Buyers Entering Luxury Home Market Like Never Before

You've likely heard the terms "old money" and "new money" -  this is a tale of "new money" or the NEW Demographics Of Luxury Home Buyers.  The trend is for the baby boomer generation to help their children own their own home and make a great investment while the market is down.  This trend is becoming more common place for the wealthy and not just the ULTRA rich.   Key demographics of luxury home buyers are starting to trend younger.  Part of this is attributed to baby boomers beginning to retire into smaller estates or multiple estates that aren't always associated with metro area sales.

Of course, as featured in this video the highlights of San Diego, Miami and New York, but there are

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The market may have shifted to a seller's market however, Buyer Financing Is Not As Strong As Duluth GA Home Values.  Take 3825 Chastatee Drive.  This home went under contract 5 times.  Through no fault of ours or the seller's the buyer's financing fell through.  Let this be a lesson to those that think their agents are making "kick backs" from referring to lenders.  Good real estate agents recommend lenders they know can close the deal after talking with the client and provide the best service.

In all 5 instances the closing date was missed.  Despite personal guarantees from the mortgage lender on several of those instances.  In fact, the Jarvis Team vetted them all and got their personal stamp of approval on the mortgage for their client.

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