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May 2013

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PMI Changes In 2013 - What Changes Are Happening And Is It That Scary?

PMI FAQThere's been a lot of "noise" talking about the changes to PMI (MIP) in 2013. However, it's not all scary stuff like your lender might be telling you.  We thought we'd break it down for you. Before we do though, let's go over PMI Changes(or MIP) so you know what it is.  Here's the cliff notes:

  • PMI or MIP stands for Private Mortgage Insurance or Mortgage Insurance Premium.  The terms are not equal, but they will unfortunately be used interchangeably. 
  • PMI allows home owners  to purchase with less money down.  The insurance premium they pay as part of the loan is what makes the investment from bank more secure.  Therefore, PMI is a good thing from that perspective.
  • PMI is
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Warning! If you have not been looking at real estate non-stop for the last 10 years you might miss some of the biggest changes in the market that going on right now.   What you hear on the news might not be exactly what is going on.  Let's first look at what's hot in real estate news, then go over What To Look For When Buying A Home In Today's Real Estate Market

Top topics right now are:

  • Housing Boom or Bust
  • Is this a housing bubble
  • New Construction is up
  • Housing Market Shifts To Sellers
  • Investors Still Looking At Atlanta
What this means is that housing prices are going up.  If the news is talking about this, then typically they are 6 months behind on the market.  (The simple reason is there is no data usually until after 6…
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Does Fast Cash For Your Home Equal Great Deal?

WE Buy Homes

You've seen the ugly house billboard and you've seen the ads on the internet. Sell your home fast for cash to investors.  Investors are dying for homes and they will buy yours for cash.  Fast cash, fast offers, no hassle or fees.  Here's the big "Ah Ha!" moment though.  Cash buyers, specifically those "generating leads" to buy are usually investors or "bird dogs" for investors.  An investor buys a home to... Drum roll .... Make money!

That means that they want your home's value for themselves.  There's nothing wrong with that if you truly are willing to trade equity for speed.  If you are Contact Us!!!

However, in most cases investors are only making the offer because there is value there or they

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It's time for our metro Atlanta Market Conditions report and it's a doosy!  We've got all kinds of news good and bad depending on where you are in the process of real estate.

Atlanta's Low Housing Inventory

First up, the most obvious thing is that inventory is low.  This effects the Atlanta market conditions by pushing the prices up on the more affordable homes.  At this point any home buyer under $150,000 should consider going over list price and making an offer very quickly as well as moving within the first 24 hours of a home being listed.  Even then we cannot guarantee that you could get a home.   In fact, you might have to consider putting out mutliple offers and back up offers on homes.  Right now in our market if you see your dream home, you…
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