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April 2013

There are 5 blog entries for April 2013.

Real Estate PhotographyThey say a picture is worth a thousand words, but I think a picture is worth more than words, its worth a few thousand dollars.

The Research of Atlanta Real Estate Photography

In a study of the Atlanta MLS as it relates to real estate photography the results were basically inconclusive at first pass.   There was basically no correlation to number of photos and list to sale price ratio.  In addition, there did not appear to be a direct correlation to days on market and number of photos.  This is likely due to the fact that location and price are more prominent factors in selling the home then photos.

What We Know About Real Estate Photos

Here's what we DO know.
  1. Home buyers want more photos.  In fact, it's the number one thing they are looking
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Home Purchase PowerYou've Got Home Purchase Power Or Do You?

When buying a home you have a bunch of numbers to think of and a ton of acronyms. Whether it's PMI, Interest Rates, Fed, Bond Numbers, Commission Rates, finding out what Millage means and Origination fees. All of those can be important but usually what you really need to understand is your power... your home purchase power. What most home buyers do is head on over to their favorite online mortgage calculator and punch in some numbers to find out what the payments would be on their desired home. That's not the best way, so let's have fun with this and take you through each level of determine your home purchase power.

Level 1 - Most is another word for Average.

Most home buyers use a calculator to figure

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Selling An Atlanta Luxury HomeSelling An Atlanta Luxury Home

If you've been following along, we made the announcement about our Certified Luxury Home Marketing status and some tips on Buying A Luxury Home. This is really part 3 of this series if you will. If you are a selling a luxury home, you must remember that any price over $500,000 will be considered a Luxury Home for Atlanta.  In addition, you must also keep in mind that with this "designation" you are now in the minority of home owners.  The key for will be working with a real estate agent (hint: me) to find your unique selling proposition.  That might sound a bit goofy at first or "sales speak" but the it's likely the thing that caused you to want to buy in the first place.

Find Your "One Thing"

Think about that "One

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Georgia Homes With PoolsGeorgia Homes With Pools

We recently got a comment from a video we did about the most rare item in all of Georgia Real Estate.  The comment was that they didn't see the value in the video or the "tip."  Everyone has an opinion but here's why we share that with you.   The most rare item in GA Real Estate is Georgia Homes with Pools (particularly an in-ground pool).   Most home buyers do not know this and this feature doesn't do what you might think it would do to home values or how to handle your home search.  Let's look at from 2 perspectives.

Selling Georgia Homes With Pools

When the Jarvis Team works with a home seller who has a home with a pool, we know a few things.
  • Relocating buyers think Georgia has a lot of pools so they look for homes
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Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist

Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist of Atlanta - Chateau Elan

Jarvis Team adds this designation to its toolbelt The Jarvis Team is now a Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist for Atlanta Market.  Primarily covering Chateau Elan, Hidden Falls, Hedgerows in the North Gwinnett sector all the way down to Sugarloaf Country Club and everything in between (River Club). The course - which covered such topics as demographics of the affluent, lifestyle segmentation, trends and amenities in today’s luxury home product, and creating a marketing plan for the multi-million dollar property – was taught by Laurie Moore-Moore, President of the Dallas-based Institute for Luxury Home Marketing and author of the book, Rich Buyer, Rich Seller! The Real Estate

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