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February 2012

There are 3 blog entries for February 2012.

GA Buyers AgentGA Buyer's Agent - What GA Buyer Agents Know About Real Estate That You Don't

It all started with this e-mail: Josh, Hey I love the "Best Buy List" you are putting out but you're not necessarily sending me homes in the area I want.  I'd prefer to do my own looking to, so can you tell me how you go about finding these great real estate deals? - James So I set about trying to answer his question by describing how I search for deals.  The trouble is, that only a licensed real estate agent can do this.  To make maters worse, you have to sift through the listings to see who is doing buyer baiting, or who has old information. Here's how I look for great real estate deals I'll note what the buyer's agent can do as well.
  1. Experience Based - Because we
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Why Are All The Homes Under Contract?

Why Are The Homes Under ContractThis is pretty much a question that we answer daily.  The scenario runs like this.  You visit 8+ websites and start calling Atlanta Real Estate Agents and lo and behold almost all the homes you call on are under contract.  There's a few possible explanations for that.  I'll cover the ones in order of most likely first.

The Website You Are Using is Dated

If you visited, zillow or (and chances are good that you did) then you already have experienced the under contract frustrations.  The reason the homes are under contract on these sites is that these sites only care about traffic, not validity.  You only have to look at the zestimate from Zillow to realize that these guys are operating on

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GA Home Buyer Baiting

You know me for my factual information on the Atlanta Short Sale market, but what you might not know is that in the world of short sales there is something I am calling, "BUYER BAITING." The simple explanation of this is dropping the price of a home so low that any buyer in the market would want it to generate an offer.  This doesn't sound like a bad thing unless  you know how short sales work. See, short sales are basically a traditional sale with one difference.  The bank is lowering their payoff to approve the sell.  How does the bank know whether or not a deal is a good one or not?  That's a great question - they do their own appraisal or something else which is called a Broker Price Opinion (aka BPO).  In short the bank pays

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