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Buying your first home can be intimidating. Not only is it one of the biggest financial commitments of your life, navigating the process can be confusing. If you’re a veteran, there’s good news. You’re entitled to VA loan benefits that can help make buying your first home much more manageable.

1. You can buy a home sooner.

Thanks to the past decade’s economy, the average age of a first-time home buyer has increased to 32. Young people are renting longer as they try to balance saving for a down payment with paying student loans and other bills while wages remain stagnant. While there are programs out there that only require a 3.5 percent down payment, they often come with private mortgage insurance or other fees. That all changes if you’re a

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Atlanta vs Miami Real EstateAtlanta vs. Miami: Which Will You Choose?

Atlanta and Miami are both cultural hubs with lots of history waiting to be taken in by tourists and residents alike. When you decide to live somewhere, it can be a whole lot different than just visiting for the weekend. This is why we decided to create a comparison guide for people wanting to learn more about the differences and similarities between Miami and Atlanta.  Read on to learn which factors unite the cities and which factors define the differences between the two southern gems.

The Weather

Miami is known for being a hot climate with generally warm weather year-round and for Atlanta, this same warm weather can be felt throughout spring, summer, and autumn, but come winter, you’ll find

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How To Get Started Flipping Houses In AtlantaEvery year we get clients who call us with interest in investing for the hopes of flipping profits just like they saw on Flip This House or Flip or Flop or whatever other popular show.  Unfortunately, those shows have only smidgen of truth.  The truth being that there is often drama but it's rarely playing out like it is on the tv show.  Most of the first time investors are going to be investing in Atlanta and attempting to do flips. So I'd thought I'd go over How To Get Started Flipping Houses In Atlanta

What's Your Goal

Had a person on facebook ask the other day about investing.  That's it, not investing in stocks or investing in real estate, it was just investing.  So naturally, everyone posted anything that came to mind from 401K, to IRA to

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It's time for us to compare popular options for relocating home buyers with Dallas TX vs Atlanta GA.

With tech industries relocating to both of these cities Dallas and Atlanta will be compared. Similar to how Atlanta is compared to Charlotte. Dallas Tx feels is more densely packed together than Atlanta. Afterall, Atlanta is known for it’s sprawl.

The perception is that Atlanta has more crime and worse schools than Dallas, but better overall climate and attractions. Dallas and Atlanta are often compared because companies often have hubs in both of the these cities, so let’s break down which one is a better place to live.

Schools: Atlanta Vs Dallas

If you’re looking for ratings on schools in Dallas TX and want to compare to Atlanta, GA you’re in

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Why Millennials are Flocking to AtlantaMillennials are moving across the nation in droves. They want the best of both worlds— better jobs, affordable housing, great schools, and a vibrant culture. This is why Atlanta is now one of the biggest hotspots for Millennials to get the best of everything. Over 90,000 people moved to Atlanta in 2016 alone. Since 2010, over half of Atlanta’s population were those that moved from out of town. Many of these people are young professionals settling down into their careers.

Employment Opportunities

With only a 4.9 percent unemployment rate and a 31.61 percent increase in the working age population, the Peach State is ripe with new job opportunities. Millennials arrive in droves to Atlanta seeking to a part of the thriving job market. Every year, more

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Don't Buy A HomeBuying a new home is a huge financial commitment, and more than likely one of the biggest that you will make in your entire life. Its equal parts exciting and nerve wrecking as you will be spending a huge chunk of your hard earned savings, and committing to payments for a significant amount of time.

Getting a new house has various variables and unknowns that you need to consider. Whether they are legal negotiations or finding out whether your bank will let you borrow money, there is lots to consider to make sure you land your dream home. But we’re here to help, here are a few things you should do straight away to get things off to a good start.

Calculate your mortgage

Mortgages play a crucial role in deciding which houses you are able to afford.

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Recently, we asked visitors to our website what specific questions they had and Diana asked this question:

 When listing a home for sale, how accurate are sites like Zillow in their estimates of what you could list it for?

Zillow's own disclaimer says that they can be up to 20% off. I find that zestimates are inaccurate but at the same time often can give you a ballpark. Kind of like those new builder signs that you see pop up all over town saying, "from the $200's" but when you get there the price is $325K. So it's not realistic but if you were just sort of curious I think it's a great tool for getting the most vague reference point... which might be all you want.

The tool I like best if you're looking for a DIY tool is Chase Home

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Home Buyer Mistakes

There's so much information on the internet, I really think not finding a home buyer's agent that you can trust is a big one, but assuming this isn't the direction you want...

  1. Not getting an inspection - I don't care, new construction, resale even Mom's house (buying from family). Get it inspected... the piece of mind alone is worth it.  In Georgia, this will cost you roughly $500 or less.  A good report might be 50+ pages.  The key is to be informed, yet not be alarmed.  There's always things wrong with a home, there's always things that might need to be replaced in the coming months or years.  It's part of owning.
  2. Not shopping / interviewing - (HUGE!!!) Most buyers choose the first vendor they interact with, whether that's a real estate
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Top 10 Country Clubs of Atlanta GA

There's plenty of Country Clubs to choose from in the metro Atlanta area and there's a lot of competition for your hard earned dollars - some clubs offer more amenities than others but our focus is on the top 10 Country Club in Atlanta where you can actually live and own real estate. 

This list is based on recent sales in the country club, along with Amenities and appreciation.  

  1. Atlanta Country Club - Atlanta | Located in Marietta but still considered Atlanta, Atlanta Country Club offers swimming and tennis and a fitness center to go along with it's world class Golf Course.  Atlanta Country Club is often used as an ACC Tournament location.  They also have a great website but it doesn't feature pricing.  Home prices are from $500K to
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It's hard to believe that when we looked at this back in 2014 that this would be so popular, but clearly since posting this video it's even more clear that there are indeed best times to sell your home.   When we did our Atlanta Market Update earlier this year you can clearly see where the swings and valleys are.  So while I'd probably tell you that the best time to sell is when you need to move (in other words, don't time the market) clearly the data is compelling enough to suggest that you could indeed time your move to coincide with a real estate cycle. 

The Best Time To Sell Your Home

When Is The Best Time To Sell My House?

This question comes up almost every day. When is the best time to sell my house?  Ultimately, some things can't be time but if you can time it then

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