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Closeout of Classic Roswell Townhome Community

Providence Final OpportunitiesProvidence is a closeout community of new construction in Roswell GA built by Frontdoor Communities. This neighborhood is now releasing a limited number of homes starting from the $580. You're probably asking: "Why should I call a Roswell Real Estate Agent now to get my own home in Providence?"

Here are reasons why:

  1. The homes are of great quality and have amazing design. These homes exude a luxury feel as they are a mix of classic and modern architecture. What's more is that they don't scrimp on comfort, as well! There are 2 different floor plans to choose from depending on your needs and taste.
  2. The community has great onsite amenities! Aside from the homes, you can find a lot of amenities in
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The Beginning of the End Of Real Estate Agents

Solopro won't change the industryThe end of real estate as we know it is coming but it's not going to happen as you might expect.   This week Inman Connect hosted it's week long look at technology, real estate, success and other things, include a biologist with a wicked beard.  One of the new "scary" companies (scary to real estate agents that is) is a company called Solopro.  Basically Solopro allows consumers to shop for services in an a la carte fashion from real estate and real estate related professionals in exchange the consumer gets a fat 3% rebate.   

The real estate agents immediately go to social media after reading news that Lowes is throwing support behind this effort.  My question is how is this different then a rebate

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How To Buy A Foreclosure

How To Buy A Foreclosure

It happens daily.  We will get a call regarding a home and the home buyer will ask us how they can buy a foreclosure.  I have to ask, "what do you mean?"  There's many different definitions of "foreclosure" floating around out there.  Especially as it relates to Georgia Real Estate. 

Foreclosure - technically is the term for what happens at the court house.  The home is "foreclosed."   This legal process in Georgia transfers ownership from the current owner or holder of the warranty deed to the entity that holds the security deed.   

At the court house, you can bid on homes that are going through the foreclosure process.  You must pay that day and with cash and it only happens the first Tuesday of the month.

But what

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Why Days On Market Are More Important To Home Sellers

Home Pricing Guide

After studying 8 in demand cities located in Georgia's rising suburban towns, it became very obvious that there were statistical trends that almost all home buyers were likely not conscious of, and thus needed a Home Pricing Guide. Just for the record, we reviewed the most recent 6 months of information in 2011. Each data set had between 120 homes and 500 homes that had sold.

Updated 2015 - note that average days on market is less then 30 days it's impossible to do a study like this.  However, as homes exceed this 30 day trend it's even more pronounced in 2015 then it was in 2011. 

Days On Market Real Estate

Why Getting It Gone in 30 Days Matters

Many of the home sellers we've talked to

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3 Things All Buyers Should Expect In GA

3 Things All Buyers Should Expect In GAAfter discussing a few issues with my team and explaining what makes us successful on the short sale side, it turns out the same skills on the short sale side apply to the buying side as well. When helping a seller through a short sale, it's very stressful for them.  So preparing them what to expect such as how the bank will react to offers, how to postpone the foreclosure, will the bank come after, what about taxes and how soon do they need to move are all questions we as a team have to answer.  For a buyer we found it's very similar, most buyer need to know a few things.  I thought it would be good to cover the 3 key expectations for you:

  1. Expect Multiple Offers on homes under $150,000 - This is pretty
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Atlanta Real Estate MarketRecord Highs! - Atlanta Market Update

It's likely you've started to hear that the real estate market might be coming back.  We've said it before but it's worth repeating.  In real estate, if you heard it on the news, it's likely too late or at least they are always late to game.  Like buyers who rely on Zillow for a search, newscasters wait for reports that are often 6 months after the fact in order to report "the news."  Unfortunately for the public, the real estate market continues to march forward.   Metro Atlanta as a whole is up 10% over last year.  First Time Home Buyers are really feeling the crunch right now as homes in those price points continue to get smaller and less desirable forcing them to act sooner or perhaps increase their bid. 

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Lawrenceville Homes For SaleWhat To Look For When Hiring A Real Estate Agent To Sell Your Home

Sometimes we at the Jarvis Team members will sit with a potential home selling client and will tell them all about what we do to get homes sold and they respond with, "yeah the other agent said that."  Our values separate us and integrity is doing what you will say you will do.  I had to screen capture this image for you because this home will be under contract and off our site but thought you might get a kick out of seeing our marketing of a Lawrenceville home for sale (located in Ivey Pointe) vs another agent.  Not sure if it's worth of or or not, but it's still pretty funny. 

Our photo and listing is on the left at $175,000 and theirs in on the right. 


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Real Estate AppraiserThe Most Powerful Person In Real Estate

There's a little unspoken rule in real estate that always comes up.  It doesn't matter whether buyers are beating up each other for a home at a certain price, or what your tax accessor says or even what's plausible...  all that matters is what the appraiser things.  The Real Estate Appraiser has become the most powerful person in real estate and it's the exact opposite of what was intended. 

How did this happen?

If you remember appraisers were one of the original scape goats of the "fall."  Supposedly they appraised homes too high and worked with other members of the empire to cause the public to over pay for homes.  So the powers that be thought a good idea would be to separate the people ordering the

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Brooke Farm - Suburban Feel With Urban Convenience

Brooke Farm Real Estate In DekalbBrooke Farm Subdivision is a neighborhood situated in Dunwoody, South of Mount Vernon Road and Dunwoody Club Drive. This Dekalb County subdivision features upscale homes built within 1985-2001.  This planned development is the last of it's kind in Dunwoody, GA.  

Dunwoody real estate for sale in this neighborhood include cluster and traditional homes. The list price for the available homes ranges from $499,000-770,000 with 3-6 bedrooms and 2.5-6 bathrooms.  

Brook Farm Subdivision homeowner's association membership includes access and maintenance contributions to the playground swimming pool, and tennis court for $550.00 a year. Brooke farm schools are Kingsley Elementary School, Peachtree Middle

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Atlanta Rent To OwnAtlanta Rent To Own Homes

When you search for homes on you will see what's on the MLS.  This site is admittedly slanted to buying a home in Georgia and frankly we think buying makes the most sense in almost all circumstances.  However, there are times when renting is necessary.  We've found for a very small percentage of people that rent-to-own homes  or lease purchase are the way to go.  There's a few things you want to make sure you are aware of when you choose to go down the road of looking at rent to own homes. 

  1. Rent to own seller/landlords will likely still require a credit report.
  2. Rent to own seller/landlords will likely want some sort of money down to lock in the price. 
  3. Lease Purchase options need to be in writing
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